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slider revolution


WordPress Plugin Slider Revolution- Slider Revolution is one of the most popular slider plugins for WordPress with over 375,000 sales on Envato Market.

With the Slider Revolution plugin, you can create the most advanced image sliders and carousels, social media feeds, hero headers, content modules and many more.

Revolution revolution powerful visual editor:


This plugin includes a very powerful visual editor with many modern features and options necessary to create a beautiful slider for a website.

Slider Revolution is highly responsive with automatic layout options. The sliders created with this plugin will automatically adjust their size according to the width of the screen.

The visual editor of this plugin is very intuitive and intuitive with dark mode support.It’s easy to create a slider with this plugin, and even a newcomer can do it in minutes.

Slider Revolution Predesigned Templates:


The Slider Revolution plugin also has a large collection of predesigned templates with all the media assets including images and icons. One click is all it takes to import and use those templates.

These models are classified into slider, carousel, hero, special effects, social networks, etc. You can also extend the functionality of the Slider Revolution plugin by installing professionally designed plugins.

slider revolution

Supports 27 premium plugins to add different types of transitions and effects to sliders like before and after, brush, distortion, etc.

This plugin has been coded very carefully with performance in mind. This means that it does not affect the loading speed of the website. Usually,Slider Revolution is a responsive and feature-rich slider plugin for WordPress.

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Slider Revolution key features – themepunch responsive WordPress plugin


Powerful visual editor

Responsive options

No coding skills required

200+ ready-to-use predesigned templates

Single Scene Hero Header Generator

27 Additional support to add additional functionality

Video slider

Dark user interface

Faster loading times

Compatibility with various browsers

In-depth animation options

Animation presets

Predefined level groups

Object library of over 2,500 items includes fonts, icons, images, videos, etc.

Special effects

Unlimited possibilities

Parallax background

Slide delay option

Slide transition settings

All kinds of multimedia support

Before and after the cursor

Post cursor to front

New in Slider Revolution v6.2.23 (changelog):

Added a new mouse trap plugin for advanced mouse animations and layer actions.

There are now 7 new templates available (3 to demonstrate the additional functionality of Mouse Trap).

Fixed a bug where post-based sliders would display the foreground image instead of its correct settings.

Fixed a conflict with the Oxygen Generator plugin that was causing cursor previews to not work properly.

Moved custom facility loading to a later point to save time on first rendering of items.

Fixed the top admin bar listing where all cursors were listed in some strange cases.

Important Fix: The initialization process when there is more than one slider may have stopped loading the page.

Fixed an early call for dimension updates in carousel mode, which could throw some JavaScript errors in some strange cases.

Bug Fix: Auto-resize containers and their content may not be the correct size if tabs or thumbnails are added outside of the form.

Some other minor changes and bug fixes.

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